"Bipolar | Famous People II"

picture of Britney Spears who has bipolar disorder
Britney Spears
Famous media businessman Ted Turner  who has bipolar disorder
Ted Turner
Famous playwright Tennessee Williams had bipolar disorder
Tennessee Williams
Famous president Theodore Roosevelt had bipolar disorder
Theodore Roosevelt
Famous artist and director Tim Burton has bipolar disorder
Tim Burton
Famous producer and writer Sidney Sheldon had bipolar disorder
Sidney Sheldon
Famous actress and singer Rosemary Clooney had bipolar disorder
Rosemary Clooney
Famous journalist Mike Wallace had bipolar disorder
Mike Wallace
Famous mathematician and physicist Ludwig Boltzman had bipolar disorder
Ludwig Boltzman
Famous actor Marlon Brando had bipolar disorder
Marlon Brandon
Famous actor Ned Beatty has bipolar disorder
Ned Beatty
Famous writer Mark Twain had bipolar disorder
Mark Twain
Famous actor and comedian Stephen Fry has bipolar disorder
Stephen Fry
Famous artist Jackson Pollock had bipolar disorder
Jackson Pollock
Famous comedian Jonathan Winters had bipolar disorder
Jonathan Winters
Famous actor and singer Frank Sinatra had bipolar disorder
Frank Sinatra  


Famous writer Virginia Woolf had bipolar disorder
Virginia Woolf
Famous actress Carrie Fisher has bipolar disorder
Carrie Fisher
It is inspirational that the people on this page, achieved levels of great success in their lives. They made great contributions to the world, and did so, despite having to deal with the potentially debilitating disorder bipolar. Anyone who has lived with bipolar disorder, can attest to how challenging an illness it is. Everyone viewing this page, has to some extent experienced a measure of improvement to their lives, thanks to the contribution of these people.

Famous poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe had bipolar disorder
Edgar Allan Poe
Famous rock star Axl Rose has bipolar disorder
Axl Rose

Famous television personality Dick Clark had bipolar disorder
Dick Clark
Famous actress Linda Hamilton has bipolar disorder
Linda Hamilton

Famous actress Marilyn Monroe had bipolar disorder
Marilyn Monroe

Famous actor and director Mel Gibson has bipolar
Mel Gibson
Famous writer Ernest Hemingway had bipolar disorder
Ernest Hemingway
Famous singer and actor Bing Crosby had bipolar disorder
Bing Crosby
Famous singer Amy Winehouse had bipolar disorder
Amy Winehouse

Famous Author Charles Dickens had bipolar disorder
Charles Dickens

Famous actor and comedian Drew Carey has bipolar disorder
Drew Carey
Famous poet emily dickinson had bipolar disorder
 Emily Dickinson

Famous Beachboy's singer Brian Wilson has bipolar disorder
Brian Wilson

Famous actress and singer Amanda Bynes has bipolar disorder
Amanda Bynes 

Famous comedian and television star Tracey Ullman has bipolar disorder
Tracey Ullman

Famous author and fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen had bipolar disorder
Hans Christian Andersen

The worlds most famous nurse Florence Nightingale had bipolar disorder
 Florence Nightingale

Famous actress Mariette Hartley has bipolar disorder
Mariette Hartley

Famous actor Burgess Meredith had bipolar disorder
Burgess Meredith

Famous soap opera star Maurice Benard has bipolar disorder
Maurice Benard

Famous young actress Lark Voorhies from show "saved by the bell" has bipolar disorder
 Lark Voorhies
Famous television and magazine star Martha Stewart has bipolar disorder
Martha Stewart
Famous director Francis Ford Coppola has bipolar disorder
Francis Ford Coppola
The king of rock and roll Elvis Presley had bipolar disorder
Elvis Presley

It is very easy to acknowledge all the achievements of the famous people above. What makes what they did extraordinary, is that they obtained such fame despite living with bipolar disorder. Just think of all the great movies, music, comedy, literature, plays, works of art, political leadership, scientific, and mathematical advances, that were provided by these famous people with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar certainly presented serious challenges for all these famous people. The Challenges of Mental Illness presented very serious struggles for some of them. Some of the famous people pictured, are also famous for troubling periods in their lives. Some even left this world early, and in very tragic way's.

People who suffer with the illness bipolar disorder, often have troubling relationships, impulsive behavior, restless sleep, anxiety disorder, suicidal tendencies, and substance abuse issues. Famous or not, bipolar disorder is very difficult to deal with. Continued treatment for bipolar disorder is of utmost importance. With proper treatment one is better able to manage the disorder and not be engulfed by it.

As a person who has lived with bipolar disorder for over 20 years, I am inspired by people who achieve success despite their given illnesses. Their drive to attain their goals, reach a level of success in their lives, and make a difference in the world are admirable. Well done!

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