Famous People Who Were Self Harmers

Self harm takes many forms. From cutting, picking at, scratching or burning one's skin, hitting oneself, drinking poisonous substances, breaking ones own bones. The common result is that each of these individuals usually suffers from a deep severe ongoing emotional pain. Self harm is used to inflict physical pain in an attempt to relieve the emotional pain that is being felt. In all cases of self harm, in some way it makes them temporarily feel better. In the U.S. it is estimated among teenage girls that one in 200 regularly cut themselves. Here is a list of famous people who were self harmers.

Picture of Singer Songwriter Fiona Apple
Singer/Songwriter Fiona Apple
Picture of comedian and actor Russell Brand
Comedian/Actor Russell Brand
Picture of Collin Farrell
Actor Collin Farrell
Picture of Actress Megan Fox
Actress Megan Fox
Picture of comedian Darrell Hammond
Comedian Darrell Hammond
Picture of Actress Angelina Jolie
Actress Angelina Jolie
Picture of Demi Lovato
Singer Demi Lovato
Picture of Courtney Love
Singer/Songwriter Courtney Love
Picture of Musician Marilyn Manson
Musician Marilyn Manson

Picture of Princess Diana
Princess Diana