Monday, December 3, 2012

"Bipolar | Famous People"

Famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has bipolar disorder
Catherine Zeta-Jones

                                            Putting a Famous Face to Bipolar Disorder:

Famous actor Jack Nicholson has bipolar disorder
Jack Nicholson
Famous actor Jean Claude Van Damme has bipolar disorder   
Jean Claude Van Damme
Famous actor and comedian Jim Carey has bipolar disorder
Jim Carey
There are many known famous people, that have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder like any other disease, or sickness, can strike anyone, and at any time. Here are just a few examples of famous people, that have/had bipolar disorder.
Famous actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson has bipolar disorder
Rowan Atkinson
Famous Actor Robert Pattinson has bipolar disorder
Robert Pattinson
Famous actor Hugh Laurie has bipolar disorder
Hugh Laurie
Famous actor and comedian Ben Stiller has bipolar disorder
Ben Stiller
Famous young actor Craig Manning has bipolar disorder
Craig Manning
Famous singer Sinead O'connor has bipolar disorder
Singer Sinead O'connor
Famous rapper DMX has bipolar disorder
Rapper "DMX'"

Famous singer Macy Gray has bipolar disorder
Macy Gray
Famous President Abraham Lincoln had bipolar disorder
Abraham Lincoln
Famous singer rock star Jimi Hendrix had bipolar disorder
Jimi Hendrix

Famous singer Madonna has bipolar disorder
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has bipolar disorder
Buzz Aldrin

People with the mental illness bipolar can be creative and invaluable individuals. The truth of the matter is that many highly successful authors, artists and professionals have bipolar disorder.  

These famous people are extraordinary, I agree. But they are human, and because of their bipolar disorder, they faced their ups and downs also. Some had more issues dealing with their disorders than others.
We should admire them for their accomplishments and creative talents. Some lived severely depressed and shortened lives. Most, with help, have been successful in managing their disorder. They all are\were talented people at their crafts despite their illnesses. 

Famous actress Kristy McNichol has bipolar disorder
Kristy McNichol
Famous country singer Charley Pride has bipolar disorder
Charley Pride

An incredible list of notable, and famous people, who have\had bipolar disorder.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin along with Neil Armstrong, were the first to land on the moon in 1969 aboard Apollo 11. So many great entertainers that gave\give us so many hours of enjoyment. Their work often sparks in us, great old memories, or create new ones for us.

Abraham Lincoln is one of America's greatest, and most favored presidents. Abraham Lincoln rose from very humble beginnings, to becoming the 16th president of the United States of America.

Thankfully none of them allowed bipolar disorder, or any suffering it may have caused, to prevent them from sharing all their great talents.

Famous singer Connie Francis has bipolar disorder
Connie Francis
Famous notable people with Bipolar Disorder:
Ozzie Osbourne
Famous heavy metal singer Kurt Curbain had bipolar disorder
Kurt Cobain

        Famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock had bipolar disorder
Alfred Hitchcock

Famous actress Carrie Fisher has bipolar disorder
Carrie Fisher

Famous actor and comedian Russell Brand has bipolar disorder
Russell Brand

Noted American psychiatrist Nancy Andreasen reported in her creativity study, that 4 out of 10 successful creative people, were found to have the bipolar disorder. Noted Armenian-American psychiatrist Hagop Akisal reported from a sample study, that over 60% of influential European artists had bipolar disorder.
Famous mathmetician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton had bipolar disorder
Sir Isaac Newton

Famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven had bipolar disorder
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Famous artist Vincent Van Gough had bipolar disorder
Vincent Van Gogh

Famous painter and sculpturer Pablo Picasso had bipolar disorder
Pablo Picasso
Famous painter Savador Dali' had bipolar disorder
Salvador Dali'
Famous british prime minister Sir Winston Churchill had bipolar disorder
Sir Winston Churchill
Famous actress Patti Duke has bipolar disorder
Patti Duke

Famous news host Jane Pauley has bipolar disorder
Jane Pauley
Famous actress Kim Novak had bipolar disorder
Kim Novak

Famous actress Linda Hamilton has bipolar disorder
Linda Hamilton

Famous singer Demi Lovato has bipolar disorder
Demi Lovato

Famous actress Margot Kidder has bipolar disorder
Margot Kidder

Famous pop star Pete Wentz has bipolar disorder
Pete Wentz
Famous actress Vivien Leigh had bipolar disorder
Vivien Leigh

Famous actor Richard Dreyfuss has bipolar disorder
Richard Dreyfuss
Famous rock star Rita Lee has bipolar disorder
Rita Lee

As you can see, there is an array of talented, influential, historically important, and famous people, that have\had the mental illness bipolar. I was surprised by some of them, to be honest.

This is just a small list of famous people who had/have bipolar. There are many more famous people with bipolar disorder that could be added. As a person dealing with bipolar disorder, I was inspired by seeing the faces of so many famous people.They accomplished so much, despite dealing with the severe illness bipolar.

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